The Art of Negotiation

Surabaya, 10 Agustus 2015

The Art of Negotiation

1. The Basic Principles

" You never stop going to school in the art of negotiation.

" Negotiating is the ultimate people skill.

" A good deal is a state of mind.

" Never make a decision with your heart.

" Never trust your uneducated gut.

" You need to live and experience the art of negotiation.

" You need a lot of street smarts to become a good negotiator.

" Timing is everything, especially in negotiating.

" Negotiation rests on one little word-trust.

" To negotiate well, you must be a great listener.

" When negotiating you must look at it from the other side's point of view.

" Deal are made between parties who seek mutual advantage, not unilateral victory.

" There is always an etiquatte to deal-making.

" If you expect more you get more.

" When negotiating, never stereo type the other side.

" The world will not stop spinning if you walk away from a deal.

" You will learn lessons from every negotiation experience.

2. The Preparation

" Your goals will enhance your belief system as a negotiator.

" The side that wins is the side that has the most information about its opponent.
Be sure to do your home work.

" When plan A doesn't work, be willing to go to plan B.

" When negotiating, your objection is to get concessions from the other side.

" Know how the other side feels about negotiating.

" Give yourself walk away power by developing option before you go into negotiation.

" Make sure that you know why the person wants what they are asking you.

" Don't try to pretend you are knowledgeable in areas that you aren't.

" Don't expect that the right time to buy something is the moment you need something.

" Make sure the person you're dealing with is in a position of authority to sign off on the agreement.

3. The Process

" You need to start out by asking questions, listening and trying to understand the other person.

" Watch others as they negotiate and keep notes.

" You must know everything the other guy knows.

" Write down what the other side say and repeat it to be sure you've got it right.

" Always ask the right question.

" The longer they keep you waiting, the more they want to deal.

" The best way to close any deal is to stretch open your mind.

4. The Strategies & The Tactics

" Real deal-makers know the power of the word "No".

" The single biggest tool in any negotiation is the ability to get up and walk away without a deal.

" When you really want something, learn to comouflage it.

" If you care too much, the price is going to go up.

" You don't want to look too good in a negotiation.

" Be persistent and repeat what you want over and over.

" Ask the other side what is the very best deal they will give you.

" Don't let yourself be bluffed and don't run bluffs either.

" When necessary change the venue by suggesting that you continue the discussion over lunch or dinner.

" Constantly think through the other side's move when you sit down to negotiate.

" Before you take the offer they offer, make the offer you want.

" Power goes to the person who has successfully convinced the other side that they're prepared to walk away.

" Never say yes to the first offer.

" Be sure to flinch whenever you are asked to make a concession.

" Don't be too afraid or too shy to stand up for yourself.

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